1. What is this service?
    We provide an elegant way to handle long URL's (web-addresses) by shortening them significantly. The short URL simply redirects to the original address. You can then share the short URL with your friends, use it on your website or emails that you write, and practically do whatever you want with it just like a normal URL.

  2. What does the short URL look like?
    The short URL has the following format:, where abcd is the variable part of the URL.

  3. How long does the shortcut remains?
    Once a shortcut is produced, it exists forever! (well, at least for as long as we do...)

  4. How is the short URL constructed?
    The system automatically allocates the shortest available shortcut, based on the selected character sets to use. Alternatively, you can request a specific shortcut to be used.

  5. What are these character sets you talk about?
    A character set is a collection of characters (letters) to be used in the generation of the shortcut. There are some predefined character sets, such as digits, lower case and upper case letters, and you can specify your own characters.

  6. What is the "Hide Original URL" option?
    When selected, the generated URL will remain in the browser's address bar after the redirection occurs. This is nice for hiding really long and ugly addresses.

  7. So... how much does it cost?
    Hmm... For you it's free! You can use this service free of charge. If you want to help, spread the word about us!